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The phosphate comedy of errors

The phosphate comedy of errors

The recent clearance of an environmental clearance certificate lucidly shows the disconnect between policy and action in government. To make sense of the statement, cabinet announced a moratorium on marine phosphate mining while our Environment Ministry went to length to approve the start of a series of activities tied to marine phosphate mining.
Yeap, the very custodians of the environment set in motion a chain of activities that will leave our country as a mining destination wanting I would like to believe. And I do not think our dear Commissioner of Environment, Teofilus Nghitila has an idea how big a ‘gemors’ he has created.
I recently asked on social media if our dear Minister of Environment and Tourism Hon. Shifeta understands his job fully and that should be a big area of concern if he does not. What’s more disturbing is the clear lack of communication and coordination of activities between the Ministries of Fisheries, Mines and Environment. Remember, a inter-ministerial committee on phosphate currently exists.
However, I would like to reason otherwise if these errors play themselves out. This clearly also shows that our dear Ministers and their Permanent Secretaries actually have no idea what is going on in their ministries. Just last week Fisheries Minister Esau strongly came out opposing the environmental clearance certificate. To think that the very letter was issued to Namibia Marine Phosphates in the beginning of September. Etse, omes, we are fast approaching November and you claim you did not know what comedians Shifeta and Nghitila were planning.
I can’t believe it honestly. Something so far-reaching on a ministry you head. Check bra, Australia extensively mined marine phosphate for close to a hundred years on Nauru but bans marine phosphate mining in its backyard. Don’t you and those other two comedians read or reason hoeka? One would believe the environmental commissioner would be on top of these issues. I still can’t believe how things have come this far.
I am starting to question the credibility of the entire marine phosphate process if these things play out. Does it not concern you as primary stakeholders that Australia and New Zealand have outright banned any marine phosphate activities in their waters. This should clearly show that whatever the unknowns, surely the effects ought to be disastrous.
Its still surprising that the Environmental Commissioner has not been reprimanded strongly for dropping the ball in the manner that he has. Additionally, why have we gone to the extent of requesting for a study? When will the study be availed anyway. We are dealing with unknowns and if this is our approach, heck let’s do it anyway.
On the other hand we have opportunist extraordinaire who is wasting now time discrediting fishing companies and Namdeb and rousing support amongst his Kuisebmond natives. Go to his facebook account, its there to see how he pits disgruntled workers against their fishing bosses. On the other hand he goes at length to discredit Namdeb for its marine diamond mining. Etse, Namdeb has been mining in the waters south of Luderitz for years now. Granted the same argument could have been made in the past but logic should clearly show that these mining activities are not in fact detrimental on our fishing resources.

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