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Better, faster treatment for eye problems

Better, faster treatment for eye problems

Patients suffering from eye infliction can now expect more specialised and faster treatment at the Windhoek Central Hospital Eye Clinic after a state-of-the-art Zeiss Visucam was donated to the health ministry by Namibia Breweries Ltd.
The Eye Clinic is the first institution on the continent to install a Zeiss Visucam. This equipment will help the clinic’s two specialists, Dr Sven Obholzer and Dr Helena Ndume to conduct better evaluations and to treat more patients affected by diabetic eye disease and ocular vascular pathologies such as artery and vein occlusions, as well as age-related macular degeneration. If untreated, these conditions often leads to blindness.
National Marketing Manager of the Breweries, Rosemary Shippiki stated “We support matters of national concern, especially focused on health, education, environmental preservation and social upliftment within the communities where we operate. This sponsorship serves as a symbol of hope – not only for those that need that hope, but also for them that make that hope, a reality. Sometimes one person has a vision, but does not have the necessary tools to make that dream come true. But then there are others, that someone else who can help make that dream come true by providing the tools. Eye specialists Dr. Helena Ndume and Dr. Sven Obholzer are both strong beacons of hope – they provide hope for many Namibians with visual problems. They provide a new and meaningful life to all their patients whose vision they restore. We are proud and very happy to be able to add to the abilities of these doctors at the Windhoek Central Hospital Eye Clinic.”
The health ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Dr. Andreas Mwoombala said “This donation will serve the Namibian nation, and I can only imagine the happiness and smiles it will place on the faces of our people, and the value it will add to many lives. Namibia has many people with visual problems, and high technological equipment is very expensive. This donation will go a long way in adding great value to the work this clinic does, and to the lives affected. Thank you O&L for caring.”
Dr Ndume said “We have been eyeing this machine for a long time, but was unfortunately unable to afford it. With the realization that government can not do it alone due to the number of critical health matters and competing priorities on hand, we decided to take it a step further by approaching other entities for assistance. We shared our need with O&L, and they responded. And this is not the first time the O&L Group has donated to the Windhoek Central Hospital Eye Clinic.”

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