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Cultural concert by Elemotho and Spanish duo, Feten Feten

Cultural concert by Elemotho and Spanish duo, Feten Feten

Event: Combined show, Elemotho and Feten Feten
Venue: Warehouse Theatre
Date: Thursday 27 October 2016
Time: 20:00
Entry: Free

The Spanish band Feten Feten, is set to join Elemotho on the stage for the annual music concert hosted by the Embassy of Spain.
The Spanish duo Fetén Fetén consists of the artists Diego Galaz and Jorge Arribas. They offer a contemporary interpretation of traditional Spanish music and folk dance music. On these traditional styles, they build new compositions leaning to more popular music.
Diego Galaz plays the violin, trumpet violin, phono violin, the musical saw, the mandolin, and he even imitates the sounds of seagulls and cows. Jorge Arribas plays the accordion, the castanets, the “camping chair flute” and the cowbell.
The duo started their musical journey in 2009, performing in over 400 concerts across the Iberian Peninsula and participating in important festivals. Fetén Fetén offers a repertoire of sensations through their two instrumental albums “Fetén Fetén” (2011) and “Bailables” (2014), and their album “Cantables” (2016), which incorporates lyrics.
Elemotho Gaalelekwe Richardo Mosimane needs no introduction. He is famous and loved for his soleful renditions on his guitar of popular songs as well as many of his own compositions. He sings in Setswana, English and many other Namibian languages.
His album “The system is a joke” is a mixture of social commentary, a celebration of local and African reality with a degree of spirituality. In “HUMAN”, the proposed title of his second album, the listener can experience the rhythms of the Kalahari, the freedom of jazz and the winds of Siberia.
Not only is he a musician par excellence, he is also a deep thinker, so if you are not really into Spanish sounds, Elemotho’s contribution and interpretation guarantee good entertainment.

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