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Chobe Water Villas opens its doors

Chobe Water Villas opens its doors

O&L Leisure, officially opened its latest world-class establishment, the 7-star Chobe Water Villas recently and the Deputy Minister of Environment & Tourism, Tommy Nambahu officiated at the opening.
The boutique 16-room Chobe Water Villas, an exclusive and intimate wildlife lodge is located at the eastern tip of the famous Caprivi Strip. The lodge is situated in the 150 square Km Kasika Conservancy, in a secluded position directly on the banks of the Chobe River and near to the town of Kasane in Botswana.
The Deputy Minister in his opening remarks applauded the O&L Group for its continued investment into the economy and in particular the tourism sector.
“The Chobe Water Villas is breathtaking. With its unique structure and amazing set-up, it is certainly a destination bound to create beautiful, unique and memorable experiences, not only for local, but also international tourists,” he said.
“The O&L Group has over the years proven to be a significant contributor to the development of this nation, and to the upliftment of the communities in which it operates,” he added.
O&L Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme stated that the latest addition to the O&L Leisure portfolio is a manifestation of the Group’s commitment to build a network of recreational and hospitality facilities throughout Namibia thereby ensuring it continues to add value to the tourism sector, and the economy at large.
Thieme referred to his recent visit to New York City with the Presidential business delegation which aimed to position and promote Namibia as an ideal country for sound investment opportunities.
“First and foremost, it is imperative that we invest in the development of our people and growth of our own industries by amongst others supporting local businesses, service providers and products. We need to share our local pride and foster a world-class reputation for local products and services which will not only increase sales but attract foreign investment to make a meaningful impact on the local economy,” he said.
“We need to nurture our own industries and encourage further investment so as to accelerate transformation and tackle poverty by making our country synonymous with innovation and positive change, and indeed an inspiration to the rest of the African continent as well as the global business community,” Thieme said.
The Chobe Water Villas with a total investment of N$57 million into the economy has brought about a number of opportunities such as job creation (30 direct jobs were created), building innovative and sustainable businesses in Namibia, and in this case the Zambezi Region, thereby boosting the country’s global tourism profile and contributing to socio-economic wealth and ultimately complementing Namibia’s profile as a major tourist destination.

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