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FNCC to Premier First Rain Dance Theatre Production

FNCC to Premier  First Rain Dance Theatre Production

EVENT: Dancing Cocktails
DATE: 14 October 2016
TIME: 19:00
ENTRY: N$ 70 Single, N$ 120 Couples

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. Namibia’s Dancing queen, Tulimelila Shityuwete and award-winning choreographer Haymich Olivier, will premiere their First Rain Dance Theatre production, in corporation with the Namibia’s Contemporary Dance company this Friday, 14 October at the FNCC.
The event will see the two bringing to the public the best of their knowledge through an introduction to basic African Dance techniques as well as rejoicing the crowd with some performance, ochestrating a full length African ballet, as they explore and expose the raw and hidden parts through revolutionary choreography.
Alexandrine Guinot, FNCC’s communication’s officer explained that African dance depicts life’s rhythms and cycles, labours, values, aspirations, history, economic conditions and religious realities.“The act of African dance is often linked to the relationship between spirits and a community. African dances are also largely known for storytelling and being highly participatory, with both the dancers and spectators being part of the performance, thus making it the perfect dance for you and your friends to learn together” she enthused.

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