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Graphite is coming

Next Graphite Incorporated, the Canadian outfit that has taken over ownership of the Aukam farm are pulling out all the stops to bring the graphite mining project to life, announcing the start of blasting activities on the Aukam farm, located somewhat 200 kilometres south-west of Luderitz.
Cliff Bream, Chief Executive Officer of Next Graphite said in a statement, “Recent progress at the Aukam site has been significant. We have built an initial stockpile from our above-ground graphitic material. As a result of continuing work in our existing adits we hope to add significant material to the stockpile from our underground exploration. We look forward to restarting production of processed graphite at this past producing mine, and receiving a full mining permit is the next step towards that.”
“Our joint venture will be focussing its effort on completing the necessary studies on time and on budget in order to expedite the process,” Bream explained. Next Graphite in September this year signed a farm-out agreement with CKR Carbon.
Bream explained that explosives would be used at the Aukam site to complete the process of making the adits safe by blasting large blocks of rock that were unable to be barred down in the initial phase. Blasting is expected to start in early October, initially with the remaining bad hangings in the adits, followed by clearing the winze area at the back of the lower adit, and finally in the open pit to ensure all loose material is removed from the stopes.
Once the adits have been made safe, Bream explained that Next Graphite’s Joint-Venture partner will proceed with an underground exploration program of drilling and development to delineate resources down dip of the lower adit. These resources he said would be included, together with the results of an Environmental Impact Assessment, in the application for the mining license Bream rounded of his assessment.
“The Environmental Impact Assessment is an integral part of our application for a mining permit at Aukam and we are very pleased to get the study underway and continue our pace of activity. Next Graphite intends to be responsive to the needs of all stakeholders to ensure that the Aukam graphite project is beneficial to all involved,” Bream rounded off.

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