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Hage states Namibia’s perspective

Hage states Namibia’s perspective

The Namibia Commerce and Prosperity New York City (NYC) 2016 Summit held last week proved to be very fruitful for Namibia’s future according to Executive Chairman of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, Sven Thieme.
Thieme along with other business delegates accompanied the Head of State, Dr. Hage Geingob who during the event stated and presented, Namibia’s perspective at the Namibia Commerce and Prosperity summit held in New York last week.
At the event Dr Hage Geingob led the delegation with an open heart, authentic and approachable – which Thieme believes made a major difference in building trust and credibility.
Namibia’s presentations led them to be invited to a very important investor conference in New Jersey next year to present Namibia once again with the aim to market ourselves to more businesses.
The Namibia Commerce & Prosperity NYC Summit which forms part of the annual New York Curtain Raiser is a very prestigious event attended by many large businesses. The result of this year’s event is that Namibia will be supported and endorsed by the chambers of commerce we have visited.
Meanwhile, Thieme said that the business forum was very successful, and shared his excitement at how well Namibia presented itself. Thieme: “Namibia presented itself as a very authentic, aligned and inspiring team which augers well to create a credible investment destination. ”
On Thieme’s return from the summit in New York, the NCCI had a two-day meeting to discuss the way forward in its main purpose of leading the local business sector to speaking with one voice, and also in committing itself to supporting government’s Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP), as well as taking the NCCI to the next level.

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