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Enduro finals at Döbra this weekend

The Grand Final of the Bank Windhoek Namibian Enduro Championship will take place on 8 October at Farm Döbra close to Windhoek this weekend. After seven eventful races, the Namibian Champions will be crowned.
This year could mark the transition in generations, as multiple champions Henner Rusch (KTM, leader motorbikes more than 250 cc) and Ingo Waldschmidt (KTM, leader motorbikes up to 200 cc) are under pressure to lose their championship titles to the young guns, Pascal Henle (KTM, more than 250 cc Class) and Marcel Henle (KTM, up to 200 cc Class).
In the motorbikes with more than 250 cc Class, the championship is an affair between Rusch and Pascal Henle. Rusch however has a comfortable lead of 13 championship points. Thus even if Henle would win, Rusch would only have to finish among the top 8 to be crowned champion. Kai Hennes (KTM) still has a slim chance to finish second overall, as he trails Henle by 12 championship points.
Marcel Henle (KTM) showed a Classy performance in the motorbikes up to 200 cc Class on the last event where he won. However championship leader Ingo Waldschmidt (KTM) ensured his championship lead stayed intact, finishing second, and 3 championship points ahead of Henle. Waldschmidt can secure the championship by finishing ahead of Henle in the last event, while Henle with a victory would at least be equal on points with Waldschmidt, in case he finishes second.
Meanwhile, in the senior motorbikes Class, the championship will be an affair between Sven Schneidenberger (KTM) and Frank Ahlreip (KTM) in the last event.

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