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Standard Bank launches 2017 CLaSH Calendar

Standard Bank launches 2017 CLaSH Calendar

As part of its corporate social investment, Standard Bank launched a new calendar for the Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments, CLaSH in Windhoek earlier this week.
Standard Bank contributed N$120 000 towards the production of the 2017 CLaSH Calendar, while some of these funds will be used for the organization’s outreach activities and the CLaSH pre-school unit for deaf children.
The colourful A4 size calendar epitomizes three key words, “happiness” “colour” and “joy of life.” This was the 20th annual calendar edition sponsored by Standard Bank.
“Children are the future generation. We need to ensure that they grow up in protected environment in order to become economically productive citizens of society. We want to put children first, more especially those with special needs that is why Standard Bank will continue to support this cause,” said Standard Bank’s Acting Head.
Director of ClaSH, Heide Beinhauer expressed gratitude for the noble investment in the education of children with hearing impairments. “Thank you, Standard Bank for the 20 years of cooperation and supports towards this 20th edition of our CLaSH calendar. You continue to play an outstanding role amongst our local donors. Not only because you have been one of our most generous supporters over the years, but also because you recognise the value of early education and something tangible to encourage and support it. We are deeply grateful for your loyal support because you are doing something about it.”

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