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Walvis Bay gives residents grace period

Walvis Bay gives residents grace period

The Mayor of Walvis Bay, Alderman Immanuel Wilfried, this week announced that as the final quarter fast approaches with hordes of holiday makers coming to the coastal town, the Council will again consider granting a period of grace to its citizens for unpaid bills.
Effective as from 30 September until 31 December, Willfried said that the economic struggles of its residents is important and the reason for once again bailing out its residents. “The idea is that the interest on all customer accounts where the capital debt is settled during this period will be reversed or credited against such accounts,” he said.
Annual contingency plans are also underway to ensure that the municipality improves upon last year’s services. Council sees it fit that many of its customers are facing financially uncertain times hence the reason that Council will again also consider granting a period of interest amnesty.
The Mayor however urged residents’ attention to the fact that even though no announcements regarding levels of water consumption have been made yet, it does not mean that Walvis Bay residents are not are affected by the national drought situation.
“We all know that our aquifers can only be replenished when we have good rainfall in our catchment areas inland,” Wilfred said, urging residents and holiday makers to make critical use of water and apply a sense of caution when it comes to water consumption on an individual basis.
Towards the end of next month, the tenth delivery of the Erongo Business and Tourism Expo will be hosted by Expo Studio, a company that with experience in the know-how and exhibition infrastructure of this nature and magnitude. Various companies will sponsor the event, including the Municipality itself. The main sponsor, Namport and Erongo RED have committed themselves to making the event a success. “We see this as a profitable opportunity to display our city and for investors to renew their confidence in it. Trade shows and exhibitions bring business and should be cultivated to become a new driving force in solidifying our local economy,” he said.
Wilfried is hopeful that the fishing industry will also view the occasion as an opportunity to showcase the best they can offer to the local public and visitors. The Council urges businesses to exhibit and provide quality customer service to visitors and residents alike from all corners of the country and the wider SADC region to attend the expo, which will be held from 26 October until 29 October at the Civic Centre.

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