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Taste the bush at Mokuti

Taste the bush at Mokuti

Brian Prinz, the Executive Chef at the upmarket establishment, Mokuti Etosha Lodge, is making a big impression with his the culinary ethos. His simple but delectable homegrown dishes have earned him international recognition and turned him into one of the country’s most respected chefs.
Some of his personal favourite dishes include samp and beans; tripe (Matangara); traditional spinach; Top Score pap in many variants, Mahangu pap in the traditional way, and of course, meat on the barbeque ‘on a whole new level’, to quote the famous chef.
This October, Chef Prinz celebrates his third year of his second tenure at Mokuti Etosha Lodge.
“This a big, beautiful and very busy lodge. It is a perfect setting in the bush and the wonderful staff makes it a great place to work at. Being the Chef that I am is greatly also determined by your surroundings. You need to surround yourself with great chefs or likeminded people, who share your passion and help you to achieve your dreams or goals. And you need to love what you do and do what you love to be a successful chef. Working for an establishment so full of inspiration and encouragement to explore your skills and stretch your abilities, is an absolute motivator to keep giving your best” he mused.
He is no stranger to the hospitality industry of Namibia and of South Africa having worked for the past eighteen years in leading hotels and restaurants. Graduating from the Polytechnic Hotel School, he did his internship at the then Kalahari Sands under Chef Gilles Bernard. His hotel management internship was also done at Kalahari Sands (now Avani Windhoek Hotel & Casino) under the leadership of Ulf Grünewaldt of Lüderitz Nest fame.
Chef Prinz was employed at Mokuti Etosha Lodge from 2007 to 2008. He then worked in Dubai and Ajman in the Middle East and later at the prestigious Jin Moa Hotel in China.
General Manager of Mokuti Etosha Lodge, Tom Githire is fascinated by Chef Prinz’s creativity and passion for what he does. “Brian is an ardent chef who inspires creativity, an important aspect to the overall dining experience. His tremendous passion for food and cooking combined with his keen business sense contributes greatly to one of the O&L strategic areas of focus which is ‘creating amazing experiences that have enduring impact’. It is an absolute pleasure to have him as part of our team” said Githire.
Chef Prinz’s love for cooking started at a very young age. “We are five brothers and one sister, so I needed to learn how to cook because my parents travelled a lot while doing work for the church.”

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