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Aerosols more than just wind in a can

Aerosols more than just wind in a can

The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Hon Pohamba Shifeta (right) last weekend attended the first official flight of the NASA ER-2 aircraft at the Walvis Bay airport. The minister conveyed his best wishes to the pilot, Donald Broce (centre wearing the high altitude pressure suit). Broce will do flights up to stratosphere level at 45,000 feet hence the need for the protective gear. NASA’s Observation of Aerosols Above Clouds and their Interactions (ORACLES) mission will observe and measure how aerosol particles interact with clouds and affect their ability to warm or cool the planet. Scientists and students from Namibian universities are working alongside the NASA scientists. Walvis Bay is considered one of only a few suitable locations worldwide to collect data on aerosols.

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