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Hangana drought relief to Opuwo and Tsumkwe

Hangana drought relief to Opuwo and Tsumkwe

Hon Bernhard Esau, the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources earlier this week handed over a drought relief fish donation to the Control Administrative Officer, Tjatjitirani Kandukira while Herman Theron, Managing Director of Hangana Seafood and Chief Tsamkxao ‡oma witnessed the occasion.Hangana Seafood donated a total of 24,720 canned pilchards valued at N$ 230,000 to drought victims in Opuwo and Tsumkwe as well as the Otjimbinwge settlement scheme-area respectively. Theron shared his company’s concern for those directly and indirectly affected by the drought, saying “A few weeks ago when we visited Otjimbingwe to handover a donation for the drought victims there, I once again realized what an impact this severe drought has on our people. I am thus even more inspired to continue on this journey of making a difference where we can, and to help in assisting our fellow Namibians. Therefore, as a responsible and caring corporate citizen, we support national issues such as the current drought dilemma that ultimately has an effect on all of us.”

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