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Water specialists, Aqua Services & Engineering announced this week it has expanded its fleet of vehicles to help save water and instill a culture of responsible water use. The company has just spent N$6 million to extend their fleet.
Aqua Services & Engineering is a subsidiary in the international water company, Veolia. The company has invested in a 12 tonne truck and 11 bakkies to serve its customers nationwide and ensure speedy delivery of chemicals, equipment and maintenance crews.
“Aqua Services & Engineering is Namibia’s leading provider of water treatment solutions. This investment of N$6 million shows commitment to the Namibian water sector. With water shortages threatening large parts of Namibia it is essential that we are available to assist where needed to save water and offer a reliable and fast service to our customers,” said Aqua Services Managing Director Luther Rukira.
Since being bought out by Veolia, Aqua Services has grown its staff complement from 60 to 72 employees in its offices in Windhoek and Walvis Bay, demonstrating the increased demand for local intelligent water solutions.
The company specialises in the treatment of water and effluent, the provision of chemicals, pumps, filters and in plant maintenance. “With diminishing water resources, the quality of water deteriorates and the right treatment becomes pivotal” said Rukira, explaining the reason for their increased profile.
“We work with a large number of municipalities, manufacturers, mining companies, Namwater and other large water users. Increasingly, smart water solutions including the re-use or secondary use of water becomes the norm,” he noted.
“Companies and municipalities simply can not afford any longer to waste water and we assist them to optimise water use. Treatment of waste water and effluent also becomes key in preventing pollution of surface and groundwater resources and build a sustainable water supply for the future. Our motto is: recycle the water, not the pollution” he quiped.
From its base in Windhoek’s Northern Industrial area, Aqua Services has been responsible for the construction of more than 150 water and waste water treatment facilities, providing an excellent base to drive the future development of the firm.
“Aqua Services has gained in-depth knowledge of water treatment in all its facets. Backed by Veolia’s ground breaking technology, we gained the capability to meet any requirements in potable water, waste water and industrial or mining water treatment” the company stated.
Their Namibian innovations include a trickling filter technology for domestic waste water treatment that has received substantial foreign interest with plants already supplied to Tanzania, Angola, the Congo and South Africa.
The company also offers pro-active maintenance and a wide range of chemical supply services, as well as the provision of pre-paid water meters.
“Aqua Services is therefore proud to offer its services while bringing value to both clients and consumers, ensuring that our environment is responsibly maintained,” concluded Rukira.

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