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Shell helps science and technology fair

Dutch company, Shell Namibia Upstream B.V. in its capacity as the operator of the PEL39 oil exploration block, this week announced it has donated N$50,000 to the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology for the 2016 Science, Technology and Innovation festival. Shell made the donation on behalf of the PEL39 partners.
Shell country chairman Mr Dennis Zekveld expressed his thanks to all for their part in making this event possible, in particular to the Petroleum Commissioner Ms Maggie Shino for her endorsement of this important initiative as well as Shell’s joint venture partner, the Namibia Petroleum Corporation, NAMCOR, represented by Mr Anthony Chatu.
Zekveld said Shell Namibia aims to make a positive difference and that its targeted Social Investment programme is part of this objective. As both Shell and the science commission support the promotion of science, technology and innovation, he noted that collaboration on the festival makes perfect sense. “Let us all – Shell, NCRST, MME and NAMCOR – really pull together on this in the spirit of Harambee” said Zekveld.
The CEO of the national science commission, Dr Eino Mvula thanked Zekveld for Shell’s support to the Science and Technology festival. He noted that this investment in the youth is of particular significance in the context of today’s challenging economic environment, and its impact on the country across all spheres.
Zekveld responded “Shell is proud to work again with the National Commission for Research, Science and Technology as we did in 2015.

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