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B2Gold and O&L partner for education

B2Gold and O&L partner for education

For the first time B2Gold has partnered with an outside partner, on corporate social investment, to achieve concrete development goals, this time specifically in education in the Otjozondjupa Region.
Last week eight classrooms, which were built by B2Gold and land for future school facilities donated by the Ohlthaver & List Group were handed over to Otavi Primary School at a celebratory event.
B2Gold Namibia officially handed over the classrooms and an ablution block through their Corporate Social Responsibility programme at a cost of over N$1,23 million. Otavi Primary School has 829 learners and 26 staff and, until recently, the Grade 4 to Grade 7 learners have been based at Khorab Secondary School premises, occupying Khorab’s hostel rooms.
The new classrooms have enabled four Grade 4 classes to move over to the primary school’s site. The other new classrooms are being utilised as two pre-primary classes, a temporary library and the Principal and HOD offices.
The O&L Group has handed over a large plot of 36080 square meters of land to the value of N$1, 5 million which will enable further developments at the Otavi Primary School – such as the development of a hostel which will benefit more than 200 learners who require accommodation as many of them are from farms in the region.
Speaking on behalf of the O&L Group, Real Estate Development Manager at Broll Namibia, Joe Tshekuzah said: “In line with the O&L Group purpose ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ we are aware of the critical role we play in supporting government’s Growth at Home strategy while strongly supporting the collective vision of eradicating poverty as outlined in the principles and goals of the Harambee Prosperity Plan. As such, we embrace our obligation as a responsible corporate citizen by improving and uplifting the lives of our people through education and youth development, as well as health and community care. We support initiatives that are sustainable, enhance the lives of community members and conserve our natural resources.” Further developments on the land will also make provision for a school garden and sports facilities.
The Otavi Primary School was formed in 1950 and was once based at the Khorab school site. From 1997 the school started to add grades to become a combined primary and secondary school.
In 2010 the Ministry of Education decided to split the school to form the Otavi Primary School and the Khorab Secondary School but they remained on the same site until construction of a purpose-built primary school began on the new site in 2013.
The school is still only half completed as it needs an admin block and staffroom, 24 more classrooms, a hostel, a science laboratory, a library, sports fields and a school hall.

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