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Grootfontein Megasave targets Top Award!

Grootfontein Megasave targets Top Award!

The OK Megasave in Grootfontein is again in the race for the Franchisee of the Year award. Owned by Johan and Beulan Enslin, registered as Megasave C Bothma Trading (Grootfontein) and trading as OK Megasave Grootfontein, this supermarket has received several accolades over the years.
The OK Franchise Division is a division of the Shoprite Checkers group. Announcing the Enslins’ nomination, the group said it endeavours continuously to raise the bar of the retail and wholesale industry through an innovative and modern approach. “The OK Franchise Division is dedicated to ensure that each store offers its valued customers an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience, with special focus on outstanding customer service.”
Earlier this month, the franchise division announced the OK Megasave in Grootfontein is one of a select few wholesalers that have been nominated for this year’s prestigious Franchisee of the Year title in the Megasave category. “This sought-after award is the highest accolade in the OK Franchise Division and is testament to unremitting hard work, attention to detail and tirelessly elevating the Megasave brand” according to the franchise division.
“OK Megasave Grootfontein has proven their mettle through tenacity and perseverance amid the current financial climate and its challenges. This store brings fruition to the OK Franchise Division’s invigorated vision for unrelenting growth and future success.” The winners of the Franchisee of the Year Awards will be announced in October at the annual OKFD conference in Bali.
The Enslins are very excited about this nomination, “We’d like to thank our Heavenly Father for His grace amid these challenging economic times. This nomination is a huge source of inspiration and motivation for our dedicated and hardworking staff. It’s a great honour for all of us!” Stores are judged over the course of a year on criteria which presents a complete overview of all the aspects of a leading wholesaler: growth, general store standards, customer service, staff motivation, promotions and displays, community involvement, administrative excellence and loyalty.
The focus is not only on sales, nominated stores have to show that they are serious about their customers when it comes to service and their overall shopping experience.
“OK Megasave Grootfontein performed exceptionally well in all categories and can be proud of their dedication to excellence in every aspect of their business” the OK Franchise Division stated.

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