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Hino expects good year despite slump

“Hino South Africa is having a good year in terms of sales, when one considers the tough economic climate and a highly competitive market,” said Vice President Ernie Trautmann, addressing the media recently.
“Hino’s overall market share is currently standing at 13.5% of the total truck and bus market compared to our target for the year of 14.6% and we are confident of further improving our position in the run up to the end of the year,” added Trautmann.
He went on to confirm his team’s commitment to the Hino corporate vision of being the ‘number one’ truck brand in South Africa by 2020. This strategy is being driven by the very effective, international Hino Total Support programme which is based on relationships rooted in absolute mutual trust between the dealers, Hino SA, suppliers and Hino Motors Ltd to be in a partnership with the customers.
The 2020 Vision, which is backed by ‘One Team, One Pledge’ aims to provide Hino SA customers with the best products and total support. This was a key motivator at a strategy session for the dealers principals in April and a conference for managers of 3S (Sales Service and Spares) dealerships in August.
Some of the future plans discussed at these meetings were to develop a used truck franchise, offer a competitive range of service and maintenance plans as well as extended warranties, providing added value after sales. while drawing up stringent standards for dealers handling the Hino 700-Series extra heavy truck range.
In addition there are a number of initiatives underway this year as the company works towards Vision 2020. These include an extended demonstrator programme, a renewed focus on driver training, a learner-ship programme at the dealers, a two-year warranty on genuine parts, a quick response action plan for vehicles off road (VOR) and “Bring it back” campaigns for servicing at a Hino dealer.
This week Hino also announced some changes to its very popular Hino 500 truck. A number of running changes are taking place on the Hino 500-Series range between August and the end of the year.
Also changes to the engine – euro2 to euro3 – and the fitment of a speed limiter to the 1322 four-wheel drive model will take place in March 2017. AT the same time a single wheel rear axle will be introduced, which improves off road handling capabilities and makes for more efficient operation in sandy conditions. The single wheel fitment will also have a benefit in terms of improved fuel consumption.

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