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NamPower set to save 30 MegaWatt with LED replacement

NamPower set to save 30 MegaWatt with LED replacement

Power utility, NamPower is set to save up to 30 MegaWatt of electricity with the launch of one of their Short-term Critical Supply programmes (STCS), which will see the country-wide free supply of some 30 million LED bulbs to replace conventional incandescent bulbs to reduce demand during peak hours. NamPower estimates this programme will save them enough peak-hour energy to prevent any supply failures in future.
The N$135 million investment will begin on 5 September and run until May next year. Under this demand-side strategy, approximately one million incandescent bulbs in residences will be replaced with Light Emitting Diode (LED) bulbs. The campaign called ‘1mLED’ was launched earlier this week by NamPower, in an effort to address the power problems that grips the country from time to time and threatens energy security. The campaign aims to reduce electricity usage in residential areas during peak times from 06:00 – 09:00 in the morning and 18:00-21:00 in the evening.
NamPower Managing Director, Kahenge Haulofu at the launch confirms that Namibia is facing a critical shortage of electricity as the ever-rising demand for power exceeds supply.
According to Haulofu, compared to incandescent bulbs (60W), LED bulbs (9W) last longer and consume far less electricity, while giving out the same or more light intensity.
“The bulbs are environmentally friendly as they contain non-toxic substances and are cost effective,” he added.
Haulofu said that NamPower has contracted two companies that will be known as LED Champions, to facilitate the bulb installation process throughout the country.
Lex Technologies and NamEnergy Resources will be the LED Champions and currently the two firms have recruited up to 650 youth from the regions to do the house-to-house removing of the incandescent bulbs and replacing with the LED bulbs.
According to Haulofu the bulbs that will be replaced are those that are mostly switched on during peak hours in areas such as the living room, kitchen and passages. Every household visited will receive six LED bulbs. Haulofu said that the installers will carry a Namibian ID card as well as a campaign ID card. He urged the public to always verify the authenticity of the installer before allowing them to enter the premises.
“The success of the campaign is highly dependant on the participation of the public and on the effective flow of information, which will be done through various mediums,” he said.
Furthermore, he said that the campaign roll-out will be monitored and verified by an independent Measurement and Verification Consultant.
According to Project leader, Eino Nanjemba, each of the urban locations targeted by the campaign will follow a door to door approach aided by roll-out schedules developed by the LED Champions and approved by NamPower.
“The LED Champions will collect bulbs from the NamPower depot, recruit and train the local installers, distribute the bulbs to local installers, manage the installation process, gather and manage the information from the re-fitted households and capture the data on an online portal provided by NamPower,” he elaborated.
Furthermore, he said for purposes of implementation, the country will be divided into two clusters; Lex Technologies, will service the northern cluster which includes; Ohangwena, Omusati, Oshana, Oshikoto, Otjozondjupa, Kavango East &West, Zambezi, Kunene, Omaheke, Khomas (a part of Windhoek) and parts of the Erongo region.
NamEnergy will service the southern cluster which includes Karas, Hardap, Khomas (a part of Windhoek) and parts of the Erongo Region (Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Hentiesbaai).

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