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Burn woodchips instead of heavy fuel

Burn woodchips instead of heavy fuel

Control shareholder of Namibia Breweries Ltd, the Ohlthaver & List group last week unveiled the new biomass boiler which have been installed at the brewing plant in Windhoek to reduce dependence on so-called Heavy Fuel Oil.
The boiler constitutes an investment of about N$50 million but it will save the brewer an estimated N$10 million annually in operating cost.
At the event, Namibian Vice President, Dr Nicky Iyambo commended the O&L Group, in particular its subsidiaries Namibia Breweries and O&L Energy for leading by example. “We recognize and deeply value the pioneering role you are playing in supporting government to achieve the ideals and objectives of Vision 2030 as well as that of the Harambee Prosperity Plan. The O&L Group has always demonstrated commitment, drive and passion to be a leader in innovation, creativity, and ambition amongst others. And there’s no shortage of innovation in the projects and partnerships enjoyed by and with the O&L Group as is evident by this milestone celebration. I congratulate the O&L Group, subsidiaries and management for their longstanding commitment to the economic development of Namibia, which has been further cemented by this latest re-investment” said Dr Iyambo.
This biomass boiler is the first installed in Namibia. As part of the Breweries’ contribution to the O&L Group vision of reducing its carbon footprint by 20% by 2019, the boiler will replace at least 80% of the current 3600 tonnes of Heavy Fuel Oil burned every year at the brewing plant in Windhoek with 7500 tonnes of woodchips. This in turn reduces carbon dioxide emissions with at least 8000 tonnes per annum.
The woodchips used to generate the process heat for the brewing operation are a product of the current bush-thinning project undertaken by O&L Energy, through its affiliate Organic Energy Solutions. The bush-thinning process harvests invader-bush which is processed into wood chips for utilization as fuel in the boiler.
NBL Managing Director, Wessie van der Westhuizen said “this installed technology allows us now, to generate our process heat requirements with local bush fuel as opposed to imported fossil fuels.”
O&L Executive Chairman, Sven Thieme said “the biomass boiler celebrates innovation and breakthrough leadership which speaks to the O&L vision which is to be the most progressive and inspiring company.”

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