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Hosea Kutako hive of activity

Hosea Kutako hive of activity

International airport, Hosea Kutako is set to become a hive of activity in the coming months with the introduction of more international flights by popular airlines like Qatar and KLM.
Early this week, Qatar Airways announced special introductory fares for its new African gateway, to celebrate the commencement of services to Windhoek on 28 September. In another similar move, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced that it will expand its scheduled service in Africa to include Windhoek as of 30 October.
This week, Qatar Airways said the special inaugural fare offers a discount of up to 25% on bookings from now until 15 September, and is valid for travel between 15 August 2016 and 30 June 2017. Qatar Airways is offering this promotional fare on both Economy and Business Class travel.
According to Qatar, passengers can book their tickets online at or via their preferred travel agent.
Qatar Airways is set to operate four weekly non-stop flights from Windhoek and connect via Doha to more than 150 destinations offering a smooth and efficient transfer at the airline’s home and hub, Hamad International Airport.
Some of the most popular destinations for passengers travelling to and from Windhoek are Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, London, Paris, Rome and Vienna.

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