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Insurer insures against future losses

Insurance companies always have to pick up the bill after a burglary but Old Mutual Short-Term Insurance decided to play a more active role in prevention. To this end, the insurer donated N$10,000 to the neighbourhood watch in Kleine Kuppe, an area notorious in Windhoek for its frequent burglaries and other crimes that lead to damage and loss claims.
The Klein Kuppe neighbourhood watch will now put up signs demarcating their area and establish an information network to keep track of crimes and to report suspicious activity.
Old Mutual Short-Term Insurance also made a donation to the Olympia neighbourhood watch to increase awareness of emergency numbers in their area. The latest donations are part of a yearly budget allocation by Old Mutual Short-Term Insurance to assist neighbourhood watch groups.
Last year, the insurer gave the Windhoek City Policy N$200,000 from its foundation to train police officers and to publish safety information.
There are altogether 16 active neighbourhood watches spread across the suburbs of Windhoek.

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