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Ohorongo split PR and Marketing

Ohorongo split PR and Marketing


Local cement manufacturer, Ohorongo Cement this week announced it has split its public relations and its marketing functions into two separate offices.
“Since its inception 5 years ago, Ohorongo Cement has grown as a company, necessitating it to revise its current organizational structure pertaining to P.R. & Corporate Communications and Marketing” the company stated adding that the restructuring enables it to maximise opportunities while maintaining and growing a strong brand presence.
As Ohorongo Cement continues to expand, the decision was taken by the Board of Directors to separate the roles of Marketing and Communications by creating a Public Relations and Corporate Communication portfolio as a separate Department from that of the Marketing Department.
The role of implementing the company’s Public Relations activities, Communication Strategy and Corporate Social Investment will be handled by Esther Mbathera who joined the company this month as the Public Relations and Corporate Communications Manager. She is a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner, bringing a wealth of experience after working for Nampower and Namdeb.
Carina Sowden who until this month, handled both functions, will now focus on her role as Marketing Manager with the emphasis on customer service and support.
“As the company grew, we realized the importance of these diverse roles and took the decision to separate them in order to maintain strategic focus. Our customers are extremely important to us and require dedicated focus and continued customer service excellence. At the same time, we understand that P.R. & Communications require the same dedicated focus, hence the change,” said Ohorongo Managing Director, Hans-Wilhelm Schütte.

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