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KAYEC programme, a relief for youths

KAYEC programme, a relief for youths

Last year September FNB Namibia partnered with the Katutura Youth Enterprise Centre (KAYEC) Trust in Rundu, to maintain after-school services that helped 142 youths in Kehemu location to stay in school and build the skills they need in order to succeed.
Under the agreement, the FNB Foundation Trust gave N$415,000 to ensure that Rundu learners, aged 12 to 18, can continue receiving educational and personal support from their local KAYEC Youth Development centre.
Through the FNB support, the KAYEC Rundu after-school programme achieved zero school drop-outs this year- proof that with the right support, learners can avoid risks such as early pregnancy. This is especially urgent at the schools KAYEC serves in Rundu, where teenage pregnancy has caused girls to drop out at a rate 1.4 times higher than the national average.
Every weekday afternoon, two full-time KAYEC youth staff and a team of 15 skilled volunteers offer academic enrichment focusing on Maths, English and Accounting, plus sports, agriculture, culture, leadership training and discussion of relationships that build on what learners get in school.
Sara Ndara, a regular KAYEC participant and top Grade 8 performer at Dr Romanus Kampungu Secondary School, had dreamed of joining a youth club since she saw them on shows like NBC’s “Justine’s”, “It’s better to talk at a youth club, because you’ll be given a chance to say what you want – like to talk about teenage pregnancies and peer pressure.”
Soneha Antonio Pedro, who attended KAYEC from Grade 7 and has gone on to study civil engineering at NUST, said: “To me it was like, if I go to KAYEC I don’t have time to go smoke with the other people, I don’t have time to go and drink, I don’t have time to go to steal. I’m going to do something better at KAYEC.”
“They also care for the community. If others can follow in FNB’s footsteps, we’ll be fine,” said Sohena, thanking FNB.
According to Ms. Benedikta Kamunoko, Acting Deputy Director of the Rundu office of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, “KAYEC is the only youth organisation left in Rundu – I don’t know what we’d do without them.”
Revonia Kahivere, CSI Manager FNB Foundation added: “FNB invested in KAYEC’s proven record to strengthen the life options of Rundu youths. Since 2009, wonderful results have been achieved.”

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