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Papo pedals to victory in Hollard Skyride race

Papo pedals to victory in Hollard Skyride race

Amidst smiles and good cheer, owed partly to the light breeze and sunny conditions, but mostly to the giant purple Hollard duck bobbing in the Hoffnung dam, participants in the Hollard Skyride were in fine spirits for the start of what proved to be one of the most challenging MTB races in Namibia.
The race was held last weekend and it started promptly at 8am. Fortunately there were no major accidents, with over 290 entries, 250 of whom started on the day, the race was well attended by MTB enthusiasts from all over the country.
This was the first time Hollard sponsored the event, it is part of their continued commitment to support the cycling community in Namibia.
The men’s overall Elite winner was the MTB rider, Xavier Papo, with a final time of 2:59:07 in the 64km race. The Woman Elite winner was Irene Steyn in a total time of 3:48:21.
The event tied in with the Specialized Woman Ride, so every lady that finished got a glass of bubbles and a goodie bag. The event had 63 women participating, which is remarkably high for a MTB race.

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