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MTC’s Ekandjo on Team Namibia Board

Tim Ekandjo

Tim Ekandjo

Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer at MTC has been elected to serve on the Team Namibia Board effective from 12 June. Ekandjo was elected at the annual general meeting held earlier this week.
The new Team Namibia board, consisting of corporate heavyweights from the private and semi-state sectors, will oversee fiduciary and corporate governance matters at the institution.
Team Namibia, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tarah Shaanika, described the new board members as seasoned professionals with unique skills.
Prime Minister Nahas Angula expressed similar sentiments in his key note address, stressing a competitive identity to ensure that Namibia’s development ambitions are recognized, celebrated and rewarded nationally and internationally. He suggested Team Namibia establishes a brand council to act as a vehicle to create awareness about Namibia’s competitive advantages whilst also enunciating Namibia’s vision 2030.
Team Namibia’s formation was spearheaded by the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Namibia Manufacturers’ Association in 2003 – of which MTC was a founder sponsors.
Team Namibia, an association not for gain, was establish with the sole commitment to market Namibian products and services nationally and internationally under one generic brand; to create a preference for Namibian products and services globally as well as to develop the economy by growing a sustainable manufacturing, industrial and business sector and by garnering support for local products.
“It’s an honour to be elected to serve on the board of Team Namibia, a truly dynamic and outstanding institution – to be on the Team Namibia Board, by its own every essence, is a passionate issue, one of the heart for it stems from patriotism and a passion for country, flag, borders and currency, but also validates the need for Namibians to support local brands and service – which in turn appreciates our efforts of developing our country – as partners first, second as brand ambassadors and thirdly as  Business Namibia collectively”, remarked Ekandjo.
Other new members elected to the board are Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati, National Coordinator of the Namibia Trade Forum, and Marike de Jager, Head:  Brand Marketing, Marketing and Corporate Communication Services.
They join existing board members, Tarah Shaanika, from the NCCI, Margareth Gustavo from Namib Mills, Dixon Norval from FNB, Wolfie Duvenhage from Plastic Packaging, Manfred //Gaeb from the NTB, Brendan Ihmig from Pambily Young Designers, Hubertus Hamm from Namibia Dairies, Karape Katjivive from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and also Uerititjiua Kauaria and Moses Shikwa from the NUNW.

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