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Close encounters of the unforgettable kind

No vacation, business trip or escapade is complete without experiencing the very best in Namibian warmth, captured and presented by the Kalahari Sands Hotel smack in the middle of the central business district.
“As Namibia’s premier hotel and a member of the Sun International family of perfectionists, we pride ourselves in giving guests a “Close Encounter of the Unforgettable Kind”, said Reinhardt Stanley, the Food & Beverages manager. He is tasked with ensuring that guests not only fall in love with their rooms, but stay in love throughout their stay. “My mission is made easier by the fact that our rooms have been gorgeously refurbished. But to me the guests’ experience is so much more than just the room itself. Everything from the moment they check in, to room service to check-out and everything in-between, contributes to their unforgettable experience. There’s no higher compliment than a guest arriving from overseas, thousands of miles away, yet they already know your name because of the excellent reputation and word of mouth!”
The hotel’s Sun International heritage ensures it stays in sync with global hospitality trends.
“At the unpredictable Wonderland that is Sands Casino, feel more alive than you ever have. It gives you an electrifying experience, and the sheer breakneck pace of our gaming promotions make it the sanctuary of choice for adrenalin connoisseurs” said Ricardo Coleman, the Tables Manager at the Sands Casino. “As the famous song goes, ‘You’ve got to know when to hold them, when to fold them, when to walk away…’ From my experience, this is a job I certainly want to “hold” and never “walk away” from! Every punter who visits experiences the ups and downs of gambling, but fortunately there are way more ups than downs – thanks to us being Namibia’s richest casino.”
Siegurd Wille, the Slots Manager at the casino says slot machines are by nature unpredictable, “but for me the twist is that I feel every emotion along with the punter. So for instance I feel their euphoria when they strike it rich; and when they don’t, I secretly cross fingers for them because I know that at the country’s wealthiest casino, odds are the next big win is just a game away.”
The Kalahari Sands is famous for its buffet. Usually local tourists spots are avoided by Namibians themselves but not this one. The Sands buffet on a Sunday morning is still one of the most rewarding meals offered anywhere in the city.
And as a final teaser for a pampered stay, Reinhardt said “At our Wellness Centre you don’t merely “have” a massage; you experience it! When you come for a massage, mudwrap, facial or any other treatment, we don’t just touch your skin; we touch your soul. We believe in a holistic approach to serenity, helping you detox because the health of your body and mind are intertwined.”

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