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Remembering the Past

Remembering the Past

This is something that has got me thinking a lot because you cannot run away from it, you are constantly surrounded by those very same people.
Thinking back on how we were raised by our grandparents and all those memorable lessons we were taught, I cannot by all means compare it with today’s generation. I remember how we would gather around the fire at the reservation and we were told stories of the old location; how our forefathers were raised.
They told us how they would just do a task given to them even if it was not by their biological parents or how they knew what their duties were when rising up to the morning sun. Boys did their chores and so did the girls without so much as a glance of the eye. As children they knew it was their duty.
I was told that back then our forefathers were very humble people. If something was to happen in the house, it would never sneak out to the neighbours, that is how discreet they were. They would solve whatever issue they had and it would stay indoors.
Our grandparents also taught us some exciting games that have faded away in this generation. We would play games like jumping the robe or play little house with food we got from home or the other game where you cut out pictures from magazines and paste in books to make your perfect dream house with everything inside it and play with it, it was called “plakboek”.
I remember how addicted I was to playing that book, I had to play with it everyday. There were even dolls our Mother’s would make from old materials and we play with it everyday while boys played with old car tires, running around as boys do. Those days were just so priceless. You cannot bring them back or compare them with today’s way of life.
Speaking under correction, I do not think children are still playing those games any more neither do I think the youth of today is willing to play those games.
They are too busy throwing shade on each other on the social media, most of them at least. As parents, the better judgement is that beating kids to maintain discipline is wrong or a risk of a social worker knocking at your door. In some cases, even worse, there is no child-parent love, no respect or possibly no communication at all.
Who and or what does one blame for all this trouble with our children. Is it social media, technology, alcohol and drug abuse, the parents or friends? The question remains, as much as one might want to turn a deaf ear to all this you cannot because its our own children perishing in the world.
We have to keep on teaching our children the right message, keep on loving them and most of all pray for them and with them. Hopefully, one way or the other they will come back to their senses and be normal children. Some parents really try their utmost best to keep their kids in order. Another woman said, she was tired of trying to get her children out of trouble as it would just get worse until she decided to curse them to die and disappear from her life. According to her maybe that’s how she can find rest and stop worrying about paying bail each time the children gets into trouble.
Now imagine that situation, she said she tried everything in her power to give her children what they needed as kids but still it was not enough. Could it be that the kids blamed her for their failures and chose to give up hope.
Moral is, kids will be kids. They always want to try out new things even if they know it is dangerous for them. They would prefer pleasing friends instead of their parents. They prefer getting advice from friends than from parents. So in my understanding it is better to let them do what they want and see or experience that what they do is wrong and maybe, just maybe they will know that those teachings from parents were the correct way. Like they say regret only comes after the damage is done.

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