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Prime Minister’s Office refutes distributing substandard drought relief food

Prime Minister’s Office refutes distributing substandard drought relief food

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has denied allegations that the government department is distributing food that is not fit for human consumption.
In a statement issued earlier this week, the Prime Ministers office said that such statements are devoid of truth and are aimed at causing confusion in the country. “At the onset, OPM wants to inform the nation that we are distributing maize meal and tinned fish as part of the drought relief program,” they said. According to the Office, the maize meals being distributed, are scientifically proven and produced by reputable companies according to the government’s specifications.
“While the tinned fish are produced and packed according to international standards. Fish is one of the highly nutritious food and it is being distributed to the effected communities,” they added. Last year, the government also distributed beans, meat and other relish to some effected
communities, as a result of the on going drought.
Furthermore, the government took a decision to continue with the drought relief program and are busy distributing food to affected communities up to March 2017 at a cost of over N$600 million.
“The Office of the Prime Minister does not take such allegation lightly and strongly urges those making such statements to refrain from doing that in future.

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