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Slam poetry blossoms again at Grassroots workshops

Slam poetry blossoms again at Grassroots workshops

Grassroots slam poetry, while not well-known outside youth circles, is a popular pasttime for many a creative young person hoping for a career opportunity in the arts. It is also an ideal vehicle for the youth to express itself on social issues, many of which are too sensitive to address in everyday discourse.
This year, the Grassroots organisation will again host a series of workshops to teach learners the art of expressing themselves through slam poetry. The workshops are supported by the FNB Foundation.
Earlier this week, the FNB Foundation gave N$20,000 to the Grassroots Slam Poetry Workshop and Event to be held from 05 to 09 September at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre. The FNCC will host learners from primary and secondary schools and teach them the art of slam poetry to enable them to express social issues constructively. The workshops have thus far inspired learners’ in enjoying poetry and gaining confidence to express themselves.
Revonia Kahivere, Manager of Corporate Social Investment at FNB Namibia said at the handover ceremony that FNB believes Namibia has great talent and this needs to be supported and nurtured. She added that one of the Foundation’s focus areas is arts and culture: “The //Ae//Gams festival, Song Night, Windhoek Woordfees, Polytechnic Cultural Festival, Namibia Scientific Society for the retention of a major collection of books worth millions; Committed Artists of Namibia and Hallelujah Namibia have all been assisted by the FNB Foundation as part of the Arts and Culture Focus Area.”

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