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Fistball league takes it to the coast

Fistball league takes it to the coast

The fourth round of the Bank Windhoek Fistball League will take place on Saturday at Swakopmund Football Club (SFC).
This will be the final round before playoffs commence. Tension will be high as all teams want, and are able, to better their current positions.
In the A league the first encounter will be between Cohen Fistball Club (CFC) 1 and CFC 2. The second match of the day sees CFC 2 against SKW 1. With SKW 1 beating both Cohen teams in the third round in June, they again stand a chance at finishing first after Saturday’s matches.
It is therefore important for them to win against the team from Olympia in order to keep their hopes up. If both CFC 1 and SKW 1 win against CFC 2 the match at 16:00 will prove to be the decider on who advances directly to the playoff final.
Only the log leader will qualify directly while the second and third placed teams have to playout a semi-final first.
Currently the Blue-Whites have a narrow two point lead over their counterparts SKW 1.
Should the Green-Whites be the victors over Cohen 1 without losing a set, they would be ranked first. An exciting match is expected.
In the B league it is a similar picture with SKW 2 having the best chances on qualifying for the final. They lead with four points ahead of the second placed team from SFC.
In the first match these two giants will battle it out. When SKW 2 wins they are guaranteed the first place. However, if the home team takes away the points it could produce an interesting match day.
SFC has already qualified for the semi-finals.
With DTS trailing six points behind CFC 3 in fourth place but playing all opponents on Saturday they have a realistic chance to end third, hence qualifying for the semi-finals. CFC 3 are weakened which DTS could take advantage of.

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