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Cycling community gets boost

Cycling community gets boost

Hollard Namibia will sponsor the Skyride Marathon, a first time for the firm. The sponsorship forms part of the continued commitment from Hollard Namibia to support the cycling community in Namibia.
The NCF sanctioned event takes place on Saturday at Heja Lodge. Participants have the option to enter for the 64km or 32km race. There will also be a 12km Fun Ride for kids older than 6. All kids less than 10 will need adult supervision.
The Skyride gets its name from a famous peak in the race that reaches a height of 2111km at it’s highest point. You need to be tough, fit and mentally in an “I-refuse-to-give-up” state of mind to reach the top of the peak. Hollard will have an oasis at the bottom of the biggest climb to encourage all rides to reach the top.
The event also ties in with the annual Specialized Women’s Ride. Specialized Women is a community of women motivated to get more females on bikes. The first 100 women that enter the Skyride will receive a special gift to remind them that we appreciate their efforts to get down and dirty on the bikes.
All entrants qualify for the lucky draw to the value of $20,000 at prize giving. Please note, however, that only 64km riders will qualify for podium prizes.

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