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Agra opens 20th Branch in Rundu

Agra opens 20th Branch in Rundu

Agra opened its 20th retail branch in Rundu last week and John Mutorwa, the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry was their first customer.
At the official opening ceremony Mutorwa thanked Agra for continuing to play an important role in the agricultural sector.
“We are celebrating the proof that the private sector positively contributes to the growth and development of this country. This development reflects Agra’s confidence, leadership and growth,” he said.
The Governor of Kavango East, Hon. Dr Samuel Mbambo said the Rundu community has been waiting patiently for the opening of this branch. “It puts us in an advantaged position as we can buy our farming inputs and receive expert advice to improve on our productivity,” he said.
Agra’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Arnold Klein expressed his pride in celebrating the first milestone since he took over the reigns as Agra CEO in November 2015.
Agra Rundu is the second fully fledged Agra branch in the Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) after Oshivelo, inaugurated 4 years ago.The Rundu branch infrastructure is an investment of N$16 million, a smart partnership between Agra and a local businessman. Furthermore, Agra has invested close to N$1 million for working capital and N$5.5 million in stock.
Meanwhile, the branch offers everything a farmer needs plus a very wide range of hardware items and groceries in bulk. The Agra Rundu branch created 15 new permanent jobs.

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