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Free Wifi for Wernhil shoppers

As of this Friday, 01 August, Wernhil Park offers free WiFi across the complex to all tenants, shoppers and the general public. No password will be required.
According to Sylvia Rusch of Broll Namibia, the complex manager, free WiFi in shopping complexes is a trend that is almost mandatory.
“To keep the competitive edge, it is important to make the shopping experience at Wernhil Park as convenient as possible. Our tenants and shoppers are our most valued asset and they deserve the best and modern value added services only” she said.
Broll MD, Marco Wenk emphasized that Wernhil Park since its inception 26 years ago stood the test of time against all other shopping centres and malls. “We remain committed to offering Wernhil Park shoppers a world-class shopping experience. During the last 26 years, Wernhil Park has undergone 3 phases and is now 37,000 square meters with 1367 parking bays and an average of 1.15 million shoppers per month. The growth and improvements done to Wernhil Park have been one of the main catalysts for ensuring Windhoek’s CBD remains vibrant and popular. Being proudly part of Namibia’s growth and development, we will continue to provide a first class shopping experience.”

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