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Solar Exhibition set for Windhoek

Namibia will host its first ever Solar for Development International Exhibition and Conference from 13 to 14 October at the Windhoek Country Club and Resort.
Electricity Africa, the publicity of RDJ Consulting Services, a local enterprise will host the event to showcase existing practical solar projects in Namibia as well as show the utilisation of solar for national development and effective service delivery.
David Jarrett, Director, RDJ Consulting Services said, “we are proud to say that is the first of its kind as all other (non-solar) events have focused on what was not being done and not focussing on service delivery achievements and challenges”.
Jarrett said the organisation will use the event to showcase progress made in the area of service delivery using solar technologies and that the relevance of this event lies in its awareness raising opportunity to demonstrate current achievements of the nation and the wider world. According to him the event is progressing in its evolution and a full figure is not yet available, but he however said that they can confirm the involvement of Germany, Zambia and South Africa
Senior Advisor, Renewable Energy at RDJ Consulting Services, Lahja Amaambo, said, “this event allows for the clear demonstration of the potential that solar energy development can bring”.
Furthermore the event is set to provide a networking opportunity to debate technical, policy and financing issues, including topics such as the impact of solar on gender empowerment, health, ICT and education to name a few.
Meanwhile, running concurrently with the Conference, the Exhibition will display and demonstrate the latest technology applications and the events will be open to the public.

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