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Ibero-American film festival entertains Windhoek for a whole week

Ibero-American film festival entertains Windhoek for a whole week

The Embassies of the Ibero-American community in Windhoek (Brazil, Cuba, Portugal, Spain and Venezuela), joined by diplomatic missions based in South Africa (Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay) this week announced the 6th edition of the highly awaited annual Ibero-American Film Festival.
The goal of the festival is to showcase Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese-made films. It also aims to promote intellectual and artistic communication on an international basis and especially to support the spreading of Iberian and Latin-American cinema worldwide.
The Film Festival screens movies from these nine countries, in their original versions with English subtitles. According to the diplomatic missions, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about and acknowledge first-hand the Ibero-American culture and history as presented through its cinema industry. Latin American cinema is both rich and diverse, exploring social issues as well as covering important themes throughout its movies, whose significance and artistic values contribute to enrich and reaffirm the Latin American and Caribbean cultural identity.
The festival starts at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre cinema at 18h00 on Monday 08 August with an opening ceremony and a mood-lifting, joyful film from Portugal titled O Pátio das Cantigas (The Courtyard of Ballads).
“Join us throughout the festival all week round with screenings every evening, and on 13 August for the final screening of a Cuban movie and the closing ceremony of the festival” invited the organisers. The programme comprises a showcase of contemporary world cinema from the participating countries. Log onto their website and social media to browse each films synopsis.

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