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Bank Windhoek pays you for saving

Bank Windhoek pays you for saving

Paulina Keingos (middle) of Outjo responded to a savings campaign run by Bank Windhoek by opening a SureSave account at her local Outjo branch during June. Overwhelming was her joy when, just a month later, Berion #Nuseb (left) called and said she has won N$10,000 for opening a savings account. This week she was welcomed to the branch by Annetjie Muller (right) who gave Paulina a statement showing she now has a lot more in her account. Bank Windhoek ran the campaign during May and June, promising all new and existing clients that opening either a SureSave account or a Prime-linked Deposit account, automatically enters the account holder for a lucky draw. Two winners were eventually picked. The other winner is Charles Mahela from Katima Mulilo. “We congratulate the two winners and would like to thank all who so enthusiastically participated,” said Marike de Jager, Head: Brand Marketing at Bank Windhoek.

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