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Cooking grand stew for tourists

Cooking grand stew for tourists


Dawid Naobeb, better known as Chef Dawos is one of the most talked about and most celebrated employees of the Strand Hotel, as head chef of the Brewer & Butcher Restaurant. His Executive Chef, Dallas Orr regards him as a man with a very bright future.
In the very short existence of the new Strand Hotel in Swakopmund, the head chef in the main restaurant has emerged as a star. This week his employer, the O&L Group’s leisure subsidiary, said they regard this appointment as one of the best ever.
Chef Dawid Naobeb, known in the trade as Chef Dawos, came to the Brewer & Butcher restaurant in the Strand Hotel, with 16 years cooking experience.
His dishes are one of the reasons the B&B has become known as one of the most exciting restaurants at the coast, specifically in Swakopmund. However, Chef Dawos refuses to attribute his success to his abilities and skills alone, but instead praises his team of 12 members whom he regards as his greatest contributors to the success of the B&B kitchen. Chef Dawos: “It is important to respect, value and appreciate the team that you work with. Their input and contribution is of utmost importance for the business’ success, and only through valuing them will you get the best out of them.”
Chef Dawos started his journey in the kitchen in the year 2000 when he attended the Mowani Mountain Camp in Damaraland as a dishwasher, and eventually within a span of two years became a ‘demi chef’ (the person that does preparation work in the kitchen) as well as ‘Chef De Partie’ (the one who prepares all stations for service readiness). Not long after he started his journey in the kitchen, Chef Dawos – based on his outstanding performance – was asked to act as head chef. Chef Dawos: “I ended up doing very well and was permanently appointed to the position of Head Chef of Mowani Mountain Camp. He worked as head chef for several lodges, restaurants and hotels during his career.
“While the Brewer & Butcher set-up is much different from what I am used to, it at the same time provides me a platform to really explore who I am as a chef and as a person. With the amazing assistance and guidance of the Strand Hotel Executive Chef, Dallas Orr who has been one of the best things that has happened to me in my career so far, I am able to reach for the stars and aim even higher,” Chef Dawos concluded.

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