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Zambezi Waterfront gets NTB accreditation

Zambezi Waterfront gets NTB accreditation

Acting CEO of the Zambezi waterfront development, Jerome Mutumba, announced this week the ailing projects has crossed the first hurdle in becoming viable again when it received its accreditation as an accommodation establishment from the Namibia Tourism Board.
Mutumba stated that the Zambezi Waterfront & Tourism Park has been given the green light to operate by the Namibia Tourism Board (NTB).
This is the outcome of a lengthy process after it transpired that the waterfront development does not comply with NTB standards and requirements to operate as an accommodation establishment.
Reinstating the NTB accreditation, Mutumba said has been one of his priorities to ensure that the company gets in good standing with all the regulatory requirements and be accorded a going concern status in preparation for a possible public-private partnership that is envisaged by the Board of directors as a new business model.
The board announced the closure of the ZWTP operations in February due to non-compliance with the NTB requirements and lack of financial controls at the company leading to financial loses. Mutumba has since been brought on board to help the board to put controls in place and guide the board on a new business model that will place ZWTP on a sustainable trajectory. Last month the company announced the completion of a retrenchment process where 42 employees were let go after an agreements reached with NAPWU.
The Zambezi Waterfront and Tourism Park remains under care and maintenance in the interim until such a time when the board has explored all possible PPP opportunities. Mutumba further announced that ZWTP is about to conclude a service level agreement for preventative maintenance with the Zambezi Vocational Training Centre. This, Mutumba argues, will help to maintain and restore the value of the waterfront’s assets while creating some income for the training centre.
Mutumba is on secondment from the Development Bank to try and save this key tourism investment.

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