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Ndishishi holds Nipam together

The Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (Nipam) this week announced that Mr Andrew Ndishishi has been seconded from the Office of the Prime Minister to act as Executive Director until a suitable candidate has been found to fill the position. The institute is established by an act of Parliament to function as a dedicated training and development institution for the entire public service.
It became leaderless last year when the former Executive Director, Prof Joseph Diescho fell foul of the government for criticising it in public.The vacancy was advertised but none of the shortlisted candidates was found suitable for appointment. “In terms of section 26 of the Nipam Act, 2010, the suitable person for appointment as Executive Director, is a person who has knowledge and expertise relevant to the functions of Nipam” the institute said.
The advice of the Prime Minister was sought and it was decided that Mr Ndishishi should act as caretaker until a new Excutive Director has been appointed. Ndishishi takes over at Nipam on 01 August.
He is currently responsible for Public Service Reform in the Office of the Prime Minister. He has served as Permanent Secretary for various ministries and in other government offices and agencies, for more than 20 years.The Nipam Governing Council expressed its gratitude to Mr Edwin Tjiramba who acted as Executive Director in the interim. He was seconded by the University of Namibia.

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