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Mayors to strengthen ties

The City of Windhoek will this year host the 9th Namibia Mayors Forum Annual General Meeting from 22 to 24 August.
Launched on 29 July 2004, the forum brings together mayors from around the country, for three days to discuss issues of mutual interest.
This year’s gathering is aimed at facilitating liaison between all local authorities within the country and is expected to bring together about two hundred delegates. Delegates will include mayors and deputy mayors from all the 51 local authorities across the country as well as presenters from various partner organisations.
The budget set aside for the annual event is not yet out as the 2012/2013 budget for the City of Windhoek is yet to be announced.
One of the concerns raised by a councilor during the the 6th annual general meeting was the issue of expenditure but council management assured the general public this week that it is looking for sponsors to help foot the bill of the conference. Management also said the gathering should be seen as a good investment by the City as it will attract delegates from all over the country.

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