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Windhoek and Outapi twin again

Windhoek and Outapi twin again

The City of Windhoek renewed their Memorandum of Agreement and Cooperation with the Outapi Town Council this week. The agreement states that the two local authorities’ primary objectives are to foster and promote friendly relations in human resources development and in general management and financial management. The two municipalities also pursue common goals for local economic development, tourism promotion and urban food security.
His Worship Muesee Kazapua, the Mayor of the City of Windhoek emphasised that as the Capital City, Windhoek is obliged to assisting its sister local authorities, particularly the upcoming ones, through capacity building initiatives and experiences sharing. “As a Council, we continue to place a high premium on Windhoek’s intergovernmental relations and grow the number of our sister local authorities across the country,” he stated.
He explained that the two Councils have maintained a strong relationship since the signing of the first agreement in 2002. “During this period we have implemented the following projects: assistance in financial management in areas of revenue collection and credit control, cooperation in strategic planning in areas of property and land management, town planning and waste management, political exchanges in urban food and nutrition security and assisting in the development of the Olufuko Festival concept to name but a few,” he stated.
He further advised that with the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation, there is more hard work to be done by all parties to implement specific projects. “An important aspect of our cooperation should therefore be that the projects agreed upon, are successfully implemented and bear fruit,” he concluded.
Her Worship Selma Asino, the Mayor of the Outapi emphasized that with the help of officials from the City of Windhoek, they have been able to design well-functioning open markets, develop SME policy guidelines, improve revenue collection and implement credit control policies and to formulate the street vendors policy. “Therefore we are are hereby proud indeed to acknowledge the notable achievements attained during the period under review,” she said
She concluded by inviting the Windhoek Council to the fifth Olufuko Festival, to be held in Outapi next month.

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