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Tourism Index launched

First National Bank and the Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations launched the FNB Tourism Index on 6 June at the 2012 Tourism Expo.
Sophia Snyman, who heads FNB’s tourism division, said that the bank – as a partner of the tourism industry – had realised that reliable and regular up-to-date information pertaining to this industry’s performance was not frequently available.
Snyman added that: “This hampers proper planning of tourism businesses’ future. Currently business owners might know how their individual business is doing but might not know how their performance compares to industry standards. In many instances businesses are also not certain what the prospects are for future short-term performance.”
FNB and the Federation of Namibian Tourism Associations (FENATA), therefore embarked on an initiative, called the FNB Tourism Index, with the intention of providing information which could help individual businesses understand the current climate in which the tourism sector operates while at the same time enabling them to plan for the future.
“A pilot survey was conducted at the beginning of May and the preliminary results will be released soon. Broad participation from Namibian tourism businesses is critical in order to take this initiative to the next level. Therefore, we urge all of you to take part. The next round of the survey is taking place in July. We hope to, with your help, be able to issue the FNB Tourism Index on a two-monthly basis, which means the information will always be factual, accurate and timely. You cannot grow what you cannot measure,” Snyman said.
FENATA welcomed the bank’s initiative.
Mannie Goldbeck, a member of FENATA’s board and Statistics sub-committee said: “The statistics and opinions collected from the broader tourism sector has resulted in the industry picking up on changing trends in the way people travel these days. While accommodation statistics during the past year still showed a decline, despite a slight rise in arrival figures, a survey among the wider tourism sector through the FNB Tourism Index has revealed that more travellers to Namibia now seem to opt for self-drive and rooftop-tent accommodation for instance. Such revelations are valuable to the industry, allowing it to adapt and prepare for new demands and trends in tourism. The FNB Tourism Index is a valuable tool for operators and service providers to measure themselves against overall performance and to pick up on and stay abreast of new local, regional and international travel trends.”

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