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No rush to restore import quota – MME

The Ministry of Mines and Energy is patiently going through a business case the Namibia Petroleum Corporation presented to it detailing how the fuel parastatals will go about on its intended fuel importation quota the Economist can reveal.
Additionally, the ministry confirmed that the construction of the bulk fuel storage facility was on target with completion earmarked for September 2017.
While NAMCOR has done its part, the decision now lies in the hands of the ministry. Speaking to line minister Hon. Obeth Kandjoze recently, he indicated that although a business case had been presented, his ministry would take its time going through NAMCOR’s document before it decide whether it would allow NAMCOR to restore its import quota, further indicating that his ministry would have to make a submission to cabinet.
“We are going to take our time to review the business case presented to us. Once we have satisfied ourselves, will we decide whether we submit it to cabinet or not,” Kandjoze said.
Kandjoze suggested that although NAMCOR was legally permitted to import up to 50% of the country’s fuel needs, it was still his ministry’s prerogative to satisfy itself with the business case NAMCOR had presented to his ministry.
The Office of the Ministry then proceeded to deliver a signed statement to the Economist in which Kandjoze responded in writing on the issues the Economist followed up on. The statement read, “The Ministry of Mines and Energy is deliberating the matter. Once a final decision is made it shall be communicated to NAMCOR.”
The statement added, “This is a FIDIC EPC construction contract, currently progress is on target, the project is earmarked for completion in September 2017.”

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