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NTA debunks claims that VET levy’s administration outsourced to South Africa

NTA debunks claims that VET levy’s administration outsourced to South Africa

Earlier this year, the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) forced all companies that pay the so-called VET levy to migrate to a web-based system ostensibly run and operated by a South African company. At that point, numerous complaints were received from companies stating that their VET levy accounts were disorderly, not reconciled properly and not up to date.
This led the Economist earlier this month to make enquiries into the administration of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) levy fund. It transpired that the Namibia Training Authority moved the online administration of the levy fund to a South African Information and Communication Technology company called Remotenet which specializes in digital fund management services.
However, in an interview, the General Manager: National Training Fund of the National Training Authority, Mr Joseph Mukendwa explained that the VET levy is not being administrated from South Africa, but from the NTA’s head offices in Windhoek located in Khomasdal. He further explained that it is a valid misconception that people may think that the fund is administrated from South Africa as the web address domain name is South African based.
He elaborated that collection and reconciliation of the VET levy is aided by a web-based system known as the VET Levy Module. “This system has been developed by a South African ICT service provider. The first phase of system enhancements were implemented in February 2016 to address a number of issues in terms of functionality to enable registered employees to upload additional information and facilitate online registration of new eligible employers.” he clarified.
Mukwendwa further added that the South African ICT service provider was identified and appointed through an open and transparent public procurement process, in accordance with the provisions of NTA’s procurement policy. It was also said that that this is just a temporary hosting arrangement as the NTA is currently upgrading it’s own personalized ICT system to manage its accounts.
After completing the Management Information System (MIS) implementation in 2014, Remotenet entered into a maintenance and enhancement agreement with the NTA. The role of the MIS manager is to focus on an organization’s information and technology systems.
The MIS manager typically analyzes business problems and then designs and maintains computer applications to solve the organization’s problem.
Remotenet also has an inhouse Financial Director registered as a practicing accountant with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) that ovwersees financial accounting services to clients, including the NTA.
In a written response, the new Chief Executive Officer of the NTA, Mr Jerry Beukes stated that the NTA does not charge any money for registration applications by employers. Employers are however responsible themselves to go through the guided registration process which is so complicated, an electronic manual has to be downloaded first. After this process has been completed, the VET levy paying employer is approved by the NTA and then the submissions and payments are the full responsibility of the employer.
All notifications are generated digitally removing the need for any manual intervention from the NTA officials in Windhoek.

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