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Bannerman’s heap leach de-risking complete

Bannerman Resources recently reported outstanding results from Phase 4 of the Etango Heap Leach Demonstration Plant Programme, which builds upon the exceptional leaching results from previous Phases.
Bannerman In a report on the NSX said, “Phase 4 tested the solvent extraction (SX) loading kinetics and efficiency from leach solution generated from the closed circuit heap leach operation of Phase 3. The strong results from the Phase 4 testwork confirm that the SX design parameters in the Etango Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) are not only robust but also have considerable potential for further improvement.”
Furthermore they said the completion of Phase 4 testwork has now delivered final validation across all aspects of the planned process route for the Etango Project.
According to the firm all four Phases of the Demonstration Plant Program have confirmed the robustness of the DFS heap leaching parameters for Etango.
Meanwhile, by delivering genuine proof of concept via this programme Bannerman has maintained its market leading profile in this critical area. It has also succeeded in significantly de-risking the planned Etango process route for prospective financial partners.
“The Demonstration Plant Programme has, by any measure, been a resounding success,” they added.
Bannerman added that the Phase 5 work plan is now directed at optimising the Etango process parameters by drawing on the extensive learnings delivered by the Demonstration Plant Programme to date. “Initial outcomes from this value engineering have been highly encouraging with the clear potential for adoption of coarser grind sizes and lower reagent usage,” they noted
Bannerman´s Chief Executive Officer, Brandon Munro, said, “The outstanding results from Phase 4
signal the definitive success of the Demonstration Plant Programme. The programme has conclusively
achieved its core objective of technically de-risking the heap leaching process for Etango”.
“In validating the DFS design parameters and confirming projected performance the programme has also identified clear opportunities to enhance the project´s financial performance. The team is now busy finalising Phase 5 of the programme which is directed at evaluating further opportunities for process parameter optimisation,” he added.
The Etango Project is one of the world´s largest undeveloped uranium deposits. It is located in the
Erongo uranium mining region which hosts the Rössing and Langer Heinrich mines and the Husab Project currently under construction by the Chinese stated owned enterprise, China General
Nuclear Power Company (CGNPC).
In 2015 the Company commenced the Demonstration Plant Programme as an integral step in progress
towards the project’s detailed engineering and financing phases.

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