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Horse mackerel pioneer retires

Horse mackerel pioneer retires

Announcing the unexpected retirement of an icon in the fishing industry, Jan Arnold, the chairperson of Namsov Fishing Enterprises, Sebby Kankondi, this week said “the Managing Director of Namsov Fishing Enterprises has decided to bring forward his retirement.”
Said Kankondi “Jan started working for Namsov in May 1996 as a vibrant young Financial Manager exactly 20 years ago. In October 1997, he became General Manager: Namsov Group Support Services and was subsequently appointed as the Managing Director of Namsov Fishing in March 2001. The skill and passion in which he steered our ship brought Namsov the success it enjoys today.”
“We can only express gratitude for his management of our organization, and these are qualities which are well imparted into the DNA of Namsov Fishing Enterprises. As a leader in not only the company and but also the in the fishing industry, he accomplished phenomenal growth and performance at all levels. For this the shareholders, the board, management and staff applaud his sound expertise,” said Kankondi.
He also added, “In these times of ever-changing circumstances, we are also facing times of our greatest opportunities and new frontiers. What we have accomplished over the past decades is commendable, and I know we have the energy in us to continue and build on what Jan and his team had put in place. I am excited about our people, I am energized by our ability to change and grow and I look forward to the success which lies ahead.”
“As Chairperson of Namsov Fishing Enterprises, I would like to thank Jan for chartering the spirit of Namibianisation in Namsov and for pioneering the sharing of commercial value with Namibian communities. We applaud his immense contribution to Namsov’s huge social investment footprint in Namibia,” Kankondi concluded.

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