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AGRA to continue with auctions

Agra earlier this week said that, despite the new stringent South African import requirements implemented last week, the agricultural industry player, will continue with its scheduled livestock auctions.
The new legislation requires stricter measures on vaccination, testing and quarantine requirements of large and small livestock for disease prevention. In a statement from Twaku Kayofa Officer: Communication and PR Corporate Office, Agra, said, “Agra anticipates that this new measure will make a significant impact on the ability for stakeholders involved in export of livestock to market the products to the neighbouring country, South Africa. The effect on all auctions may result in reduced buying power available for livestock on offer.”
“The new export regulations poses a serious challenge for Agra auctions due to the uncertainty it creates for the export market. Agra will however continue to hold livestock auctions to facilitate a marketing channel for the producer to be able to sell his animals,” said Kayofa.
According to Agra it should be noted that due to the anticipated risks associated with an uncertain export market, the firm will implement firm credit control measures for all its livestock auctions. These measures will stipulate that only cash buyers or buyers with a pre-approved credit facility within their limits will be able to purchase livestock at a scheduled auction. The measures they put, are meant to protect the interest of buyers and sellers, which make up the base of our auction partners said Kayofa. “The measures are not to discourage participation at these auctions, but rather to safeguard stakeholders during these uncertain times while still continuing to deliver excellent services to our clients.”

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