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Agra enters Kavango

Agra enters Kavango

“Agra is celebrating another huge milestone with the opening of a new retail branch in Rundu, the capital of Kavango East region” said Agra CEO, Arnold Klein. The new branch will officially open its doors on 29 July, where the entire public is welcome to enjoy convenient shopping in the new retail space.
Klein noted that the new retail facility in Rundu was established in response to numerous requests from the region. “There have been many requests from the Kavango region to provide farming inputs and other services to inhabitants in that region, to enable them to successfully participate in the agriculture value chain,” he explained. He further noted that Agra swiftly responded to this call, because the upliftment of agriculture can only be achieved through the provision of sustainable and relevant agriculture support systems and farming inputs.
Agra Limited, a non-listed public company, continues to play an important role in agriculture. Through Agra’s diversified range of products and services, Agra becomes increasingly important to a larger and more diversified client base. On the importance of opening the Agra Rundu branch, Klein said, “Establishing the Rundu branch shows our commitment to growth and investment in local infrastructure and enables us to make a difference in communities of the Northern Communal Areas (NCAs).”
Agra Rundu offers sufficient retail area of 900 m² consisting of shelves, cashiers and administration offices; bulk storage of 1046 m²; yard space of 4300 m², paved parking area of 1 000 m² and additional gravel parking space of 1500 m². The Agra Rundu branch aims to reach out to all communities, by providing nationwide services and comprehensive product ranges, including building materials, hardware, water equipment, fertilizers, household and consumer goods, just to name a few.
Agra Retail offers agriculture products and services, and household goods on a retail basis for the public through widespread branches countrywide.

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