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Namsov to the rescue of fire victim

Namsov to the rescue of fire victim

Namsov Fishing Enterprises announced this week it will support one of its contract cleaners, Rose-Mery Nuineeko, after she lost her home in a fire.
Namsov’s CSO, Tuna Willem stated “Rose-Mery Nuineeko, a Walvis Bay resident who works as a contract cleaning lady at Namsov Fishing had the misfortune of losing most of her earthly belongings last night in yet another shack fire. Rose was not at this premises when the fire started.”
Namsov the company, together with its employees and the Namsov Community Trust, came out in support to assist Rose-Mery and her daughter who lives with her. Various donations, such as food and clothing and other items were urgently made available to her at short notice to relieve her dire situation.
“The shack fires at the coast are no surprise to anybody, these occur regularly and needs urgent attention from all different parties and authorities, especially because it mostly effects the poorer and less fortunate” stated Willem.
Namsov employees and families continue to collect whatever small items might be needed at short notice by fire victims.

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